About Us

FindMy® Real Estate Agent is an independent service, free to use for sellers and buyers.

We believe using a real estate agent is the best way to sell your property and engaging the right real estate agent can make a huge difference to the price you achieve. But how do you find the best agent for you?

Online real estate portals have traditionally focused on serving the needs of buyers. This has made it hard for sellers to find the realtors who can really add value. We thought it was time to put the power back in the hands of sellers, so we created this user-friendly website.

When you review the real estate agents on this website, you can be sure of three things:

Engage A Specialist

Subscribed agents can only choose a maximum of 3 suburbs for their profile, so you can be sure you’ll be dealing with agents who consider themselves the local specialists.

No Bias

You won’t be steered towards any real estate chain, franchise, group or office. We just don’t play favourites. You will only see agents who have subscribed to the site and want to be profiled to you and other potential sellers as specialists in their chosen suburbs. FindMy® Real Estate Agent is also randomly tested by Withers Tsang & Co to ensure fairness and transparency for all subscribed agents.

No Cost

There are no fees, commissions or hidden backhanders. FindMy® Real Estate Agent is 100% free to use.



How it Works

The easy way to find the best real estate agent to sell your property

With the help of FindMy® Real Estate Agent, a couple of minutes invested now could make a huge difference to the final price you achieve.

First, enter your suburb in the search box and you’ll then be able to view the real estate agents who have subscribed to being a specialist in your suburb. Because each agent can feature in only 3 suburbs, you can be sure you’re dealing with the ones who specialise in your area.

Then, shortlist the real estate agents who look best suited to your needs. You can select some questions from our suggested questions list, email them to the agents, and compare their responses. Or you can save your shortlist for another time. There’s no pressure and you’re always in control.

Here are our top tips to find who’s superb in your suburb:


1. Find The Property Specialist In Your Suburb

Best Communicator Resized

You want the real estate professional who’s passionate about your local area, with a record of getting great results for sellers. A local specialist will know the sort of buyers your home will appeal to, give an accurate price indication and put together a smart local marketing plan.


2. Find The Best Real Estate Marketer

Best Marketer Resized

The best marketer will always get you the best money. So how can you tell who’s great at marketing? Just look at how they market themselves.

If a real estate agent cannot market themselves through their appearance, their enthusiasm, their sample property marketing materials, and instill a sense of confidence as to why you should choose them – you should be wary. They probably won’t bring first-rate marketing skills to the job of selling your home or property.


3. Find The Best Real Estate Negotiator

Best Negotiator Resized

Great negotiators are great communicators. They keep you in the loop, respond quickly to opportunities and make sure you’re always informed and in control.

Ask prospective real estate agents to talk you through some real-life examples of campaigns they have run. Get a list of recent sales they’ve achieved. Top property negotiators are great at responding to queries and objections, so consider whether you are getting clear answers to all your questions.