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10 Tips to Build and Maintain Your Real Estate Career

FindMy | 1 year ago

Building a strong real estate career takes persistence and an ability to execute. 

It’s a competitive market, but if you are good at what you do, clients will find you. And those who succeed will be those who are always willing to learn.

Below, we share our 10 tips for building and maintaining a successful career in real estate:

1. Give your business a runway 

Getting up and running is the first step, but give yourself a realistic timeframe to do this. Fundamentally, this is a business you are starting, and any business requires time to make money. This means establishing a proper timeline for planning and budgeting. This will ensure you have money to live on and money to invest in your marketing in for at least the first 12 months of launching your real estate business. 

2. Be reliable 

If someone calls you, answer. If someone emails or texts you, respond within minutes, if possible. It really is the little things that matter to clients. Differentiating yourself as someone they can call or turn to, no matter the time of the day is the sort of message that makes its way around the local neighbourhood.

3. Treat every client like they are your only client

Every transaction and client should be treated as your most important yet. From a $100,000 sale to a $10 million sale, do your everything to sell their home. Take the time to understand them as people, and their needs. Your reputation will precede you, so go above and beyond. 

4. Be the neighbourhood expert

From the local school system to the commuting options, immerse yourself in the local area and know absolutely all there is to know about it. Attending and then sharing info about community events boosts your persona as a local expert. You could even post live on your social media channels from the event and encourage people to come and find you. 

5. Maintain a budget

As you are only paid when you sell or rent a property, payslips are not scheduled. Create a budget to manage your cash flow so you are financially stable during busy and slow periods.

A number of real estate agents who fail to make the grade are those who spend frivolously. Having a strong grip on your finances and where your money is going can be make or break for your career. 

6. Have a strong network

An error many real estate agents make is forgetting to maintain the relationships of their established network, whilst creating new contacts. It is, of course, important to grow - but don’t let other relationships slip. The best real estate agents have a solid network that continually serves a steady source of referrals.  

7. Don’t be afraid to take risks

To stand out in a competitive market, taking that risk could give you the edge. Mainstream marketing can lead you down a certain path, but if you feel this isn’t helping you to deliver a representation of your offerings that you feel comfortable with, consider starting a new trend, rather than following one. It might be the making of you. 

8. Stay determined

It might sound like a cliche, but the real estate business is a lot about hard work and the right mindset. Real estate agents must be tenacious in identifying and following through on opportunities. Reach out to agents who have a lot sale listings, get involved in your local community, make yourself seen.

9. Check your online reputation

A lot of your clients will find you online. And even those who don’t, will check up on your background online before moving forward with you. Bad reviews or social media posts can alienate potential clients and have the power to destroy your name overnight. It is important to google yourself frequently to see what’s been published by both you, and others online. 

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