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FindMy | 7 months ago

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Listings aren’t coming your way like they used to?
Increasingly we’ve found ourselves talking to agents who are wondering why their businesses aren’t doing as well as they once were and listings just aren’t falling out of the sky. They have invested heavily in the latest technology to make their lives easier, perhaps abdicating the things that have been, and always will be, the building blocks and life-blood of any sales business. The solution is simple… get back to basics…here are the two key things to focus on to revive your business;

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens without prospecting! So, get on the phone to make appointments to get face to face with people. Face to Face contact cannot be underestimated and no amount of technology can replace it. Three of the best sources are…

• Buyers – are a hidden source of listings and a bridge to your next listing. If they don’t have a property to sell perhaps they know someone who does?

• Connections – Your connections both professional and personal are referral gold. Make a point of catching up and meeting for coffee periodically.

• Past Clients – Stay in touch and treat them well. They know you and the skill set you bring so even if they’re not selling they will know someone who is.

Set yourself a goal to book three face to face appointments per day...which amounts to 15 per week, over 700 per year, that’s one heck of a sales funnel!

Marketing in isolation is not effective and choosing only one medium doesn’t have the same reach. To saturate your market and cover all bases you must;

• Flyer drop – can be DL’s promoting yourself, a new listing, a recent sale/s, newsletters.

• Have an active social media presence – promote yourself, articles, listings and sales.

• Door knock – introduce yourself to your farm area, knock the 20 houses directly around your listing.

• Sponsor local events – talk to schools, sports clubs.

• Telemarket – call your farm area, phone in and around your new listing and again when it sells.

• Print media - local paper.

• Build your digital presence – have profiles across all Real Estate sites.

The key to all of the above is consistency. Have a plan and commit to the next 12 months, even if things are slow keep it going as you’ll need to saturate your market at all times.

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