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Decluttering Your Home For Sale

FindMy | 6 months ago

De-cluttering can be daunting when you’re still living in your home. You might need your stuff! De-cluttering isn’t converting your home into a campground it is just selectively clearing away anything that might distract buyers from seeing what they are getting with your home.

Here are some room by room tips to help you;

• Clear your bench of small appliances
• Keep towels and pot holders in drawers, not dangling from the oven handle
• Store dish cloths, sponges, brushes and cleaners in a shallow bowl under the sink
• Pack away any appliances you don’t use regularly eg crockpots, mixers, grills
• Pack away any crockery, serveware, baking tins etc that you don’t use on a regular basis.
• Pack away rarely used items such as seasonal cookie cutters, extra aprons
• Clear out and tidy your pantry and let it air out
• Remove evidence of problems such as ant repellent and mouse traps

• Store prescription drugs in a child safe area away from harms way
• Find a secure place to store jewellery, perfume and rarely used toiletries
• Store cleaning gear in a single child-safe spot
• Clear your vanity top of trinkets and soaps and replace with a stylish soap dispenser
• Keep floors clear of clothes and towels. Make sure these are all put out of sight or consider investing in a lidded hamper.

Storage & Linen Closets
• Pack away all but two changes of linen to create a sense of space in your closet
• Pack away all out of season linen eg Winter blankets and comforters in summer
• Refresh shelf and drawer liners
• Remove evidence of mothballs

• Clear out your wardrobe by packing away all out-of-season clothes and linens and store off-site if possible
• Choose light and bright linen for each bed with crisp decorative pillows. This is a good time to wash blankets, duvet covers and comforters.
• Pack away as many knick-knacks as possible keeping only the bare minimum out.
• Keep the floor clear of clothing and toys - Consider purchasing a hamper if you think it might help?

Living, Dining and Family Rooms
• Buyers like large living areas, so be sure to reduce the clutter and maximise the space
• Clear out the stacks of magazines, books, CD’s – either pack away or donate to a local charity shop. Even neat piles can create visual clutter
• Re-arrange the lighting to ensure the room is well lit both night and day
• Clean your blinds or curtains
• If you have a large amount of pictures or wall decorations reduce the amount to just one or two per room
• Go through each shelf and remove everything and replace with only a few key items. Pack away what’s left.
• Choose only a few accent cushions and limit floor coverings to perhaps just one main rug
• Ensure power cords aren’t crossing a room, tidy them around the sides or remove all together – not only are they unsightly but are also dangerous
• Limit the number of toys to perhaps a basket in the corner
• Remove pet beds and mats – these can stink!

High Traffic Areas
• Your front entrance sets the first impression. Clear way any extra shoes, furniture items, umbrellas etc
• Keep wall decorations to a minimum in the hall as it will just make the space seem narrow
• Clear away any excess rugs or mats as these can also be a hazard.

Remember your goal is to help potential buyers envision your house as theirs. Buyers need to envision their own things in both living and storage spaces. Allow yourself some time to do this, a weekend is ideal, to go room by room. The time spent now will without a doubt save you some time packing once you have sold!

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