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Fear Of Picking Up The Phone

FindMy | 6 months ago

We know that picking up the phone is the key to any sales business but the fear of it is real for so many. Rest assured that it’s normal to feel that way, but how do you overcome it?

Before you call,

1. Take ten deep breaths to calm your nerves.

2. Create a script of what you want to say focussing on the goal of the call.

3. Practice the script by looking in a mirror. 

4. Smile as you talk. Your energy and enthusiasm shine through your voice.

5. Call someone you feel comfortable speaking to first.

When calling,

1. Remember to listen…
Most successful callers spend more than 75% of their time not talking but LISTENTING through asking questions that require explanation and engagement rather than just yes and no questions, for example, Instead of asking “Are you thinking of selling?” ask “If you were to sell your home, where would you go?”

2. Take a break…
Make 30 calls then have a 10 minute break. This helps keep your enthusiasm high and makes you more productive.

3. Voicemail?
Have a plan on what to say once a voicemail kicks in. Keep it short, no longer than 14 seconds. Let them know who’s calling but don’t give away the best part of your message as you want them to respond.

4. Do NOT fear rejection
“No” is the one word you will hear a lot of but you can’t be afraid of it. Being scared of it wont get you very far. Remember that for every “NO” you are one step closer to a “YES”.

Now that you’ve conquered the fear and made some appointments, don’t forget to follow up. Studies show that 80% of sales require five follow-up calls and 44% of salespeople give up after the first call/contact. So don’t be in the 44% - keep going!

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