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How To Choose The Right Suburb For You

FindMy | 1 year ago

Choosing the right suburb for you should be more than just ‘a good feeling’. 

If you are planning on purchasing a home, recognise that you’re not only buying a house, but investing in a neighbourhood. Before starting out, ask yourself what you want from your local area, and what specific things make somewhere feel like home to you.

Once you have an idea of this you can consider the key factors in picking the right suburb for you:

Current value of housing

Whilst you might get wrapped up in the atmosphere of a neighbourhood, it is always important to look at value of housing. Find out what houses in the area are currently valued at and then ask a real estate agent how that compares with the average value five or ten years earlier.

Future developments

These are vital to be aware of, as they could greatly influence property prices and the quality of living in your area. This could include an increase in taxes, or traffic flow. Find out development information through your local change of commerce or through a trusted real estate agent. 


Being in the zone of a good school is beneficial both if you have children, and in ensuring property growth as the area may be sought after by other families. If you do have children, another factor is considering how they might get to school i.e. is there public transportation or can they walk?


When making a large investment such as this, do not try and keep up with the Joneses. If you choose somewhere that adversely affects your lifestyle, meaning you have to sacrifice a great deal that will immediately change the way you live, you might want to reconsider your chosen area.

Local amenities 

Grocery stores, parks, public transport. If one of your must-haves is easy access to good amenities, then research what is nearby early on. Living in the middle of nowhere might sound peaceful - until you run out of milk! A suburb that has all you need close by will make for easier living and better potential for growth. 

Spend some time there

There is really only one way to find out if a suburb is the right one for you and that is by exploring the area. Make a day of it and attend some local community events if possible - talk to the locals, and see where you fit in. Try doing it a different times - it may seem like one place in the day and another at night! 

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