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Knowing Who to Trust: How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

FindMy | 1 year ago

There are many stages (and stress points) that come with selling a property. But perhaps one of the most vital, if you want to maximise your investment, is who you choose to sell it with. 

Unless you have a heap of experience selling properties, finding a real estate agent to lead the process comes highly recommended. Selling a home isn’t light work, and seeking a qualified agent to do the heavy lifting means you can put your trust in professional hands. 

Still not sure which way to turn? Below are our tips for finding the right agent for you. 

Research, research, research 

An important decision like this deserves a bit of research behind it. So, if you want to find the right real estate agent, shop around. Understand their different offerings, look into their previous testimonials, notice their presence in the marketplace and understand the areas they look after. 

A thorough background check before you sign an agent’s listing form will give you peace of mind during the selling process, and ultimately, make a real difference to your satisfaction with the end result.

A good place to start is by looking to see if they have an up to date FindMy® Real Estate Agent profile. If they do, there should be a wealth of information for you to determine if they are worth getting in touch with.

Bigger isn’t always better 

Whilst the bright, shining lights of the big agencies may seem appealing, remember you are taking on the person, not the company. It all comes down to the character who is out there, talking to your buyers, so make sure this is someone you trust and like. 

All agencies, big and small, have databases with potential buyers so pick the person first, the company second and then define the process from there. 

Finding your champion 

You should get a feel for someone’s enthusiasm when you interview them. Ask yourself if they are someone you would buy from and get a feel for if they have a genuine love for your property. 

It should be no different from picking your lawyer or your doctor; you want to know they are more than able. If you want to see if they have experience selling properties of a similar style to yours, don’t be afraid to ask for case histories.

Establishing a relationship 

You should feel your real estate agent is doing their everything to sell your home. You are their client, and this shouldn’t be forgotten. A good real estate agent will be committed and will make you feel as if you are their only client. 

Understand early on how (and how often) they interact with their clients, this is a working relationship and good communication is key to driving success. 

What kind of client are you?

It’s a question you might not have considered, but knowing your role is this relationship is just as important as knowing theirs. Before you move forward, determine what kind of client you want to be and communicate this to the agent to see if they’re able to roll with your requests.

Do you want to have as little to do with the selling process as possible or do you want to be kept up to date every single step of the way? Helping them understand your character and needs is fundamental.

Where to start?

We can help with that. 

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