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Open Home Ideas: How to Engage and Generate Leads

FindMy | 9 months ago

Open homes have stood the test of time in the real estate industry.  However, lack of imagination around showcasing properties has left a lot of us leaning heavily on digital, losing a passion for “the old fashioned way”.

The reality is, open homes can be a great lead generation strategy to generate sales. It’s just about being smart, organised and thinking outside the box in how you engage. 

Below, we share our tips for achieving success through your open home.

Find a hook 

Much like an engaging call to action button on a website, a hook is a feature of the property that captures the buyers and neighbours’ attention. 

Find the thing they need to see. The open plan kitchen? The high ceilings? The loft conversion? Focus on what makes the property different, and centre your marketing messaging around it. 

Engage the neighbourhood 

In a distracted age of constant disruptions, you’re going to need to find new ways of starting a dialogue. 

A door hanger campaign a few days before your open home is a simple and effective way of piquing interest and getting people through the door. Inviting neighbours to provide their feedback on living in the area also helps them feel included in the process, and usually, helps sell the home. 

Optimise your marketing

Cater your open home marketing to target demographics. This starts with research, so spend time getting familiar with recent sales in the area, schools, restaurants, community issues, and events.

Knowing your audience is imperative to success. Once you know them, you’ll have a better understanding of how best to engage. 

For example, if the property is in a demographically younger area, social advertising and neighbourhood websites are your best bet. If you’re looking at a primarily older demographic, local newspapers and door-knocking may land better results. 

Stream it on social 

Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Take your pick! Aligning your digital strategy with your open house event allows you to meet buyers online. With 56% of millennials finding their home on the internet, a forward-thinking real estate agent will come at an open home from all angles.

Take on the role of the buyer, start the stream outside, and then work your way through the property. Video walkthroughs can also be used as additional content across your social channels post-event. 

Personal touches

Chocolates, a cheese board, gift bags, printed floorplans, FAQ sheets. The list goes on. A mixture of factual information that informs potential buyers about the home, and small treats that help the room relax are simple wins.

Stay in touch

Ensure you have a sign-up process on the door so you can follow up on anyone who has shared their information; ideally the same day of your open home. 

A personal email, referring to any conversations you may have had with a potential buyer opens up a friendly dialogue that shows you remember them and their preferences.

The right house for an open home

With all of this said, know that not every house is right for an open home. Before you dive in, you need to consider if this type of event is right for the property. Parking issues, safety concerns or sitting tenants can curb appeal so factor all aspects into your decision. 

However, don’t do it for owner appeasement. An experienced agent will know and say if there are more effective marketing methods to try first. Judgement is everything, trust yours.  

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