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Success And The Art Of Routine

FindMy | 12 months ago

Now more than ever to be in the game and perform well you have to master the art of routine.

Are you doing what it takes to be successful and achieve the levels of greatness that you truly deserve?

As an individual agent, you have to really think about what you're doing every day to set yourself up for success both personally and professionally. Here are our top four tips to mastering the art of routine…

Mornings are powerful and set the tone for your day so start off with a consistent morning routine. How do you start your day? Every successful person has some type of morning ritual. Set a routine to start every day the right way.

Remember to drink lots of water, get your blood flowing and mentally get yourself ready for the day. Take time to invest in yourself and watch you’re your energy levels increase and attitude improve.

So many people let their colleagues and clients take advantage of one of the most precious and valuable things in our lives, time. Block out time for work (including admin time, prospecting, client meetings), fitness, family and sleep in your calendar. If you put something in your calendar, get it done. The most successful people don’t cut corners and get things done when they say they will.

Have you ever worked out your hourly rate? Once you have worked this out, whether it’s $30 or $500-plus per hour, treat each minute like it’s worth that number. Value your time and don’t let distractions get in the way of achieving your goals.

Excuses are easy and are the biggest road block to success. Stop and think about your excuses and what you would say to yourself if you heard them. Stop creating the roadblocks. Become a problem solver and create plans which will instantly motivate you.

By creating a routine and sticking to it you are investing in yourself and your future. Making sure your time is accounted for and that you are making the most of every opportunity.

Routine doesn’t happen overnight. It happens by having a daily focus on developing yourself personally and professionally. Take a minute right now to create one action step you will implement each day to become a better version of yourself and build your business for tomorrow.

Remember that what you do repeatedly is what will create the quality of your life. What you do each day is what will shape your future business.

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