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Time is Money: Speed Up Your Sale Process

FindMy | 9 months ago

You’ve found your dream home. The pressure to sell your existing home amps up and you understandably want to sell - fast. 

There is no guaranteed time on how long it takes to sell a house. There are, however, a number of steps that you can take to help speed up the process and get your house on and off the market as soon as possible.

Get your documentation in check 

Start as you mean to go on. Being organised from the outset is vital to a seamless selling process. Having all documentation ready shows estate agents and buyers you are a serious seller, and that you will be able to proceed quickly when the time comes.

With everything in order, your real estate agent won’t have to spend weeks hunting down property information. You’ll save yourself time and money. 

Identify any issues early on 

Inspecting your property before you put your house on the market is another necessary stepping stone to a speedy sale. Schedule a pre-listing home inspection to pinpoint any problems such as structural damage, mould, leaks, and other underlying issues. 

Sellers are required to make any disclosures about their property and doing this initially saves potential buyers ordering their own inspections further down the line. 

Know your negotiating limit 

Having a clear idea of how much you’re willing to negotiate gives your selling process structure. You and your buyer will generally negotiate on a price a number of times before agreeing on a final price. 

Make allowances for closing costs and other concessions when considering your limit. This will help you be more decisive in the long run, and make it easier to make sensible decisions faster. 

Reduce your price

Not the most ideal of choices, but sometimes, depending on market conditions, necessary to be able to move on. Reducing the price of your property is one way to speed up the sale process.

Find the best real estate agent in your area

A home sale comes with a lot of baggage – marketing, negotiation, inspections, communication and compliance. Baggage that is best left with an expert. 

Finding a real estate agent who knows the process inside out and is familiar with recent sales in the area, will accelerate the selling of your home by a significant margin. 

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See how we can help you sell your home today.