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Video Marketing: Top Tips for Using Video to Sell Homes

FindMy | 1 year ago

Within the New Zealand real estate industry, video marketing has well and truly taken off, and it is no secret why. High-quality video, in the form of client testimonials, house tours, market updates and Q&As, are powerful means of promoting your expertise and commitment to your clients.

Whether video is or isn’t, a part of your marketing strategy already, below are our top tips for ensuring video becomes a profitable aspect of your business.

Have a plan in place

The aim of the game is to create a high-quality video that provides the viewer with the exact information they need to act. With more and more real estate agents using video in their marketing activities, the key to standing out is preparation and planning.

Before jumping into video, we recommend taking the time to craft a clear plan. In this plan, outline everything from the core messages you want to convey, types of shots or images you want to capture, a brief run-through of how the shoot will play out and how the video will be edited.

By putting a plan in place, you will help ensure everything is accounted for, meaning “shoot day” runs like clockwork, allowing you to focus on creating the best video possible.  

Budget accordingly

Whether you are planning for a single video or a larger video marketing strategy, a key component will be the budget you set aside. We are not saying you need to set aside a small fortune, but obviously the healthier the budget the better the production value.

If you do not have a large budget to play with, there are always ways around it. Instead of hiring equipment or a production crew, start small. Most of us carry around high-quality cameras every day, on our phones. So use them initially, and over time as your business grows, reinvest into your video marketing strategy.

Sell yourself

Buying and selling a house is a hugely personal experience, one that for many Kiwis is life-changing. Whether they are buying their first home, looking to downsize or searching for that summer hideaway, people want to know that their agent is on their side, not just chasing a paycheck, which ultimately means they want to buy you.

Whether you are filming a guided house tour or an introductory video, showcase your personality, speak to the viewer and show them you are on their side.

Think outside the property

Nowadays, people are not just looking to buy a house. They are looking to buy a lifestyle and a community. Which means, for many prospective buyers, they want to buy into a suburb or area that suits their needs.

For some, this will mean great schools, for others, it may mean a short walk to nightlife and entertainment, and for others, it may mean the peace and quiet of country New Zealand. So when you are filming a video for a house, think outside the boundaries and sell positives of the neighbourhood.

Understand the power of client testimonials

One of the most powerful marketing tools we have is client testimonials. In the past, we had to rely on written testimonials. While these were good, it could be argued that they had little effect. With video, you have the best tool to leverage these testimonials.

Use video testimonials to tell a story and clearly convey your expertise and commitment to your clients. These videos are arguably the most simple, yet effective, way to showcase your expertise.

Short, sharp and sweet

Lastly, keep your videos short and to the point. Viewers simply do not have a large attention span in today's market. This means you need to think seriously about the length of your videos and how you structure them.

Try to keep your videos under two minutes. Ensure that your videos only include content that is absolutely necessary and is aimed at holding the viewers' attention.


Videos are a great way for real estate agents to grow their personal brand and attract new clients. Many real estate agents, throughout the country, are now realising the power of video, and as a result, are starting to implement it into their marketing strategies.

If you are not already, we highly recommend you start the process of creating and implementing video into your business.

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