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Working Over The Holidays?

FindMy | 10 months ago

First you’ll need to make a simple decision…

Are you or are you not working over the holidays? - as you can’t effectively do both?

Whatever you decide on you’ll need to commit to.

Having the time off with family is a great idea but to be there mentally and physically you will need to…

1. Find out what your Vendors plans are over the holidays as they might also want a break for a couple of weeks then relaunch to the market once you’re both back.

2. Be honest with your Vendors about what your holiday plans are. This trust is incredibly important.

3. If your Vendors want to stay on the market ask one of your colleagues to look after your listing while you’re away and make sure you introduce them to your Vendors.

4. To make the most of your time plan to come back to listings, so list property/ies to go live when you get back. Remember you can always organise the marketing photos before you go away.

5. Lastly, switch off your phone as often as you comfortably can, be present and remember an end-of-year holiday is an opportunity to reconnect so enjoy!

If you’ve decided to work, good on you! There are generally a high number of cashed up buyers looking to secure a property during their time off so make sure you…

1. Firstly let your Vendors know that you’ll be working and find out if they’re away and what their plans are so you’re not disturbing them in the middle of a family get together. 

2. Know which days are Statutory Holidays as they often fall on weekdays and won’t be counted as working days when putting together Sale and Purchase Agreements.

3. Be aware that Solicitors are away as well, often for three weeks, so processing of Sale and Purchase Agreements won’t happen until they return.

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